Working with you to plan, build and deliver in-house workshops to provide training to your staff always results in a positive ROI. Staff who are empowered with new digital skills add a multiplier effect for your business.

Invest in your staff.

Managing a business with a large number of staff across multiple departments is hard and personal relationships need to be constantly invested in. One way to empower your staff is to invest in them through workshops and digital skills training.

Delivering training in social media, content marketing, personal brand building, facebook advertising or marketing automation is an investment that pays off daily back into your business.

Maybe there are people in your business who are looking to take the next step in their career but feel they are lacking in a particular area. We can produce specific materials for this and can be delivered online or in person.

Social Media Workshops & Training

Specifically we specialise in the delivery of social media training and workshops that focus on taking people who aren't social media natives and make them comfortable with using social as a communication tool.

We work on the basis that everyone has the potential to be a media company. By providing workshops on how to create and distribute content that reaches our fans, we're able to turn traditionally inactive users into savvy users in a matter or hours/days.

What ever the level of your staff currently we can tailor a valuable programme for you.

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