Bringing your business or brand online requires communicating via social media to your customer. Our social media management team combined with the content marketing team helps you establish your channels and distribute content to your target audience.

Social media is the medium.

Social media marketing is no longer a 'dirty phrase' as it is so common place and expected that it is now just communication. Depending on the target demographic social media may well be the expected channel of communication.

Which platform your content is best received on is a key part of forming a social media strategy alongside the content marketing team. If your message is best delivered using video then YouTube may be the best medium for instance. If the audience consumes large amounts of audio in podcast form then this would be the route to go down.

A B2C brand with a large global customer base maybe expected to have a social team monitoring Twitter around the clock as it's a popular go to for support issues and responses should be fast. On the contrast a visual brand may gain huge value from posting multiple times per day on Instagram.

Creative is the differentiator.

Crafting the correct creative distributed on the correct platform directed at the right audience can have amazing network effects. A viral piece of content can bring disproportionate value back to the brand or business.

Memes are the lifeblood of the internet but may only work with certain audiences but live on way after the initial posting.

Talking to your customers on social media and keeping an eye out for critical feedback or bad reviews can often give businesses the opportunity to fix the issue before it turns into an even larger one.

Social Media Management is no longer left up to the friends friend. It's now a business critical function.

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