Search Engine Optimisation is the lifeblood of all long term projects. Be it, keyword research, broken links, optimisation, local ranking or trust building we've got your back. SEO is a long game but driving organic traffic has tremendous rewards and unrivalled return on investment.

Getting the basics right.

There is a ton of information our there about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation best practices and the goal post move all of the time. That said the basics don't change but over 50% of businesses haven't got these basics covered. Getting your business listed on Google, Bing and other search engines is a starting point.

This also links into what we like to call Digital Foundations. This is an audit of your current website to see where it is showing up and how the website is performing from the search engines point-of-view. SEO starts here.

Day 1 is as simple as what shows up when we do a search for your business on Google. If it isn't where you think it should be then this is where the work starts.

SEO approach to content marketing.

Not only is it important to optimise your key pages so they can be easily crawled by Google but also to ensure all content marketing efforts are delivered with seo in mind. If your content efforts are in-house we work alongside the team to ensure that it's search engine friendly and that keyword opportunities aren't missed.

Along the way we've found that content staff learn basic seo techniques that enable them to product highly optimised content over time.

Businesses often suffer not from a lack of quality product or service but from a lack of visibility. Getting your business onto the relevant page of Google can add real tangible value to your bottom line.

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