It's no longer enough to just cold call and mass email. Tomorrow's recruiter is a personal brand, a content marketer, a source of market knowledge and digital native. We take your agency and consultants through that journey.

Change the output.

Moving away from the numbers game and into more top and mid funnel attraction/engagement models is the best way to make your agency stand out.

Having digitally native recruiters who combine content marketing with personal branding and paid advertising on social, will build solid brand equity above and beyond your competitors. Competing on speed and price is a race to the bottom and a zero sum game.

By reframing attraction methods at the top and middle of the funnel recruiters stay present and front of mind.

Empower don't restrict.

We work with recruitment agencies to arm consultants with the digital skills needed to communicate effectively and reach their target audience in a digital world.

Finding the right candidate as a recruitment consultant can lead to a placement but the fishing mainly happens in one small pool. We show you how to grow that pool using Facebook Advertising, Content Marketing and Personal Branding.

Empower your consultants to create their own content and distribute it to build their own community that brings more value than just jobs at the time of hiring.

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