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The Story

Part of our mission as a company is to deliver the most value for our clients in the most cost effective way possible. When taking on the project to create a simple to use and free job board there were a number of possible routes to take. We could either code the entire thing from scratch or see if there was a way to build it without any code at all.

We chose to go with a no-code solution as economically this would be a far better route while still providing the value. As pacommunity we found that there was in fact a front end template already built using Webflow. This made it easy to form the base of the project and we could move on hooking up the back end.

Webflow comes with a CMS attached so we just needed a few more tools to make it work.

First a way to take in information from a potential job advertiser with a way to take a payment if the poster wanted to have the position featured. Then, we needed a way to get that information into the Webflow CMS.

We went with Typeform to collect the information, a Google Sheet to collate and act as a single source of truth, then Zapier to post the data into the Webflow CMS. Using Typeforms integration with Stripe our form was also able to take payment if we needed.

Now that the information was in Webflow a Trello card would be created and Slack message sent, again using Zapier, letting the team know so we could scan the post and put it live.

Tools Used

- Webflow
- Google Sheets
- Trello
- Zapier
- Slack
- Typeform
- Stripe


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