Grow Your Recruitment Agency Using Facebook Advertising.

by Tom Osman.
April 3, 2019

There is currently a big opportunity for recruiters to stand out by using Facebook advertising.

To provide some context, this post will be framed around 3 steps of making a sale. Awareness, engagement and conversion.

BlitzMetrics Funnel Graphic
Awareness Engagement Conversion - BlitzMetrics

Traditionally the majority of the activity within recruiting happens at the bottom of the funnel where or sale happens but is light in awareness and engagement.

Recruitment can a fast-paced environment depending on which market you work in with a focus on direct sales. It is very direct sales orientated with outbound calls the medium of choice.

Mass email while still used by some has been made harder due to GDPR but there are still some bad actors.


Disclaimer there are of course recruiters with a great top of funnel attraction methods which this will not apply to.

We all know that building your database, understanding your market and building relationships is essential in recruitment. This has to be more than phone calls only when there's a job to fill.

Consultants should also be a source of market information, specific knowledge and market conditions.

This can be done on Facebook.

Coming up next I propose a couple of things.

1. Recruitment agencies should be retargeting web visitors.
2. Recruitment consultants should all have a Facebook Public figure page.

Recruitment Agencies

If your reading this as an owner of an agency and currently are not putting any spend behind Facebook Ads but are paying job boards then you have it the wrong way around.

Why? Because the perfect candidate for the job is already employed and wouldn't have their CV online.

Finding these people can be the difference between filling the role or missing out to another agent.

If you've done a good job at promoting your business as the place to look for jobs then 'passive' candidates may check your website for new jobs.

Now we all know the strike rate of turning a web visitor into a candidate can be in the low single figure % range. But with retargeting, the chances can increase considerably.

Let's take an example.

Jane is a Software Engineer based in Manchester and is currently full time employed. Jane passively keeps one eye on the job market and although Jane hasn't got her CV online Facebook has a good idea on her interests and potentially job title.

Additionally, she saw a post on Twitter that you advertised a local, well paid Senior Software Engineer position on your website. But clicking through to your site the job wasn't quite right so left without applying.

Usually, this would mean you were none the wiser and wouldn't know her preferences unless you had a personal relationship with her or cold-called her and managed to catch her at a good time.

By having the Facebook Pixel installed we now know someone viewed the page and as this is our job we know what, where and who the job is for.

As we don't know what Jane's preferences are we can now send her some more vacancies that are similar but not the same as the one she viewed. This happens back in Facebook, Instagram or other locations supported.

Also, we can now place Jane (anonymous visitor) in a Manchester Software Developers audience. This allows us to now push relevant content into her feed.

Content marketing can be such things as blog posts, podcast interviews, memes, videos or market insights.

Over the next few days, Jane sees the following in her feed.

- 10 Reasons Why Manchester Is The Best Place For Software Developers
- The Complete 2019 Tech Salary Guide
- A Podcast Interview With Head Of Development For <insert company here>.
- 5 Tips To Prepare For That Big Interview
- Manchester Start-Ups To Watch
- Relevant Job Adverts On 'YOUR' site.

You get the idea.

Over a matter of days, Jane now has multiple touch points with your brand and you've not had to pick up the phone once, all at low cost.

By providing value, industry knowledge and tailored job adverts consistently, when she does look, you'll be front of mind.

All from one web visit.

Recruitment Consultants

A brand new consultant beginning a career in recruitment starts with a blank slate and needs to learn the market.

For this case, we'll choose Product Management, again in Manchester.

The consultant in question is called Tom (me).

It's Tom's job to get to know every product manager and wannabe product manager in Manchester. To a point where when they do look for a job, they come to him.

A few steps here.

1. Call every 'product manager' in the database.
2. Email every 'product manager' in the database.
3. Connect with every 'product manager' on LinkedIn (an easy way and a hard way).
4. Go to meet-ups and events to shake hands.

Product Manager Search On LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Here's a new way.

Tom remembers that Facebook knows everything about everyone (within reason) so decides to try and reach them there.

First up we need to create a Facebook Business Page. You cannot run ads using your profile, you need a page.

Create A Page

Next up select Business or brand.

Business Facebook Page

Enter a descriptive name with recruiter as a category.

Enter Page name and the category

Hit continue and after adding in a headshot, header and other info the page is ready to go.

Add Profile Picture
Add A Banner

Now, as we're going to want to attract product managers and software developers to this page we need to come up with some content.

A '10 things' post is a good place to start.

The post is '10 Interview Questions To Expect In A Product Management Interview', hit publish once you're done.

Now you should see your post on your page, click 'Boost Post'.

Select 'Create new audience'.

Create new audience

Now to build the audience.

Facebook breaks things down to Demographic, Interests and Job Titles etc.

You'll want to add everything directly relevant to the target audience.

First type 'Product Management' and then browse to get related suggestions. Add all those.

Build your audience

Set the location to where you want to target, this may change depending on the market or be national/international.


Put the budget to £1 per day (the lowest) for 7 days and hit boost.

After this, you should be able to see the number of people that the post can reach per day.

Remember this post is aimed at building awareness and not aimed at converting people.

That's it.

Your name is now being seen multiple times per day as a Product Management Recruiter in Manchester.

For low cost in both the time and monetary sense.

Chances are if you do this you are doing more than the agency you work for also ;)

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