7 Reasons To Get Started With Social.

by Tom Osman.
July 23, 2019

Having a consistent social media presence is no longer something that is optional but essential.

There are an endless amount of reasons for why every business should connect with their customers through social media but here are a few reasons why you should get started.

1. Smart phones.

I think by now it's safe to say the majority of people you know use a smart phone of some kind. That means they are consistently connected to the internet, likely with one or more social media apps installed directly on their phone.

This simple fact means that you as a business have a direct line to both your existing customers and people who haven't yet become customers.

By putting out content over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc each post has the potential to be seen.

2. Social Media is just communication.

Whereas in previous years social media was seen as one of those things that was a nice to have for a business, it has now become the preferred method of communication between brands and customers.

Direct interactions between the two on Twitter or Facebook messenger is now the go to place for customer enquiries and if you're not on there and responsive there is a good chance a % of people will enquire elsewhere.

Phone calls or printed ads are now the door-to-door selling of our generation.

3. It's where the attention is.

Over 50% of the time spend on mobiles is spent on social media platforms so it makes sense to be where the attention is.

By trying to divert attention else where to advertise your business you are immediately on the back foot when comparing to others who are where the attention is.

Social also has the major advantage in that you are able to see exactly how many people have viewed your content.

Source - Oberlo

4. You can pick who sees your content.

It's easy to think of Facebook as somewhere that people share meaningless cat video and although enjoyable remember Facebook is the best advertising platform in the world.

For as little as one pound per day you can amplify your message, image or update into the feeds of anyone.

Is your ideal customer female, aged between 35-45 with an interest in animals, for one pound per day you can insert your post into hundreds of feeds per day.

Source - Andrea Vahl

5. As simple as a photo.

Social media is often over thought but it can be as simple as taking a photo and posting it to your accounts.

Own a restaurant and have a new menu, take a picture of the menu and a dish then get that posted with a short caption.

Simple, it doesn't need to be more complicated than that, you just to make social part of the daily routine.

Source - Jeff Bullas

6. It gives your business a personality.

Depending on what type of business you have it is easy to feel that no one would want to see or read about what you are doing.

The opposite is often true.

Those who think that social media wouldn't work for them is exactly who should be doing it. This means there is giant competitive advantage to sharing content as your competitors will likely be thinking the same as you.

Not all social has to be visually appealing remember, it can be informative and showing off your area of expertise.

7. It helps with hiring

One of the first things that new potential hires do when they get an interview for a company is check their online presence.

This can mean a quick run through of the website, social media and public facing profiles such as LinkedIn.

Often this can effect people by either giving them an immediate positive feeling, neutral or a negative one.

You want to be leaving a positive impression that your company is somewhere they'll want to work and come to the interview with that mindset. A good social media presence can have a big impact on this. Missing out on good people to a competitor? This could be why.

Get help.

If from reading through this you feel like you're currently falling a tad short on the social front then get in touch and we'll get our heads together.

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